5 Categories of Video Animations Used In Every Industry

5 Categories of Video Animations Used In Every Industry

Video animation is undeniably a very interesting feature that a person or any organization can include their presentations or any business promotional plans to increase the worth of their company. We are living in the age where using the animated videos in not only restricted for the entertainment industry but has also become a very significant part of other sectors as well.

Let’s discuss five of these amazing categories of the video animations in detail.

Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard animation is one of the most amazing and exciting types of video animation that is used for several of determinations apart from the entertainment purposes. It is used for creating awareness by delivering a decisive and focused message to the audience. Many big organizations used it to convey information to the audience with ease. Whiteboard video animations are used on the website as well to provide a site’s tour or giving statistics about that particular website.

The use of the whiteboard video animation is also prevalent in the education industry as many people deliver complex lectures using the whiteboard animated videos. Whiteboard animated video is indeed handy in showing the visualization of the concepts easily and also a very powerful tool to keep the audience alive during the entire time.

2D Video Animation

The most common and the oldest form of video animation is the 2D video animation, which has its roots set firm on the ground since the beginning of the video animation technology. It was the first most type of the animations which was created at the earliest using the two-dimensional space to create the flat shapes and scenes. Although with the uniform and horizontal graphics 2D animation had been a very amusing method to gain people’s attention.

The journey of the 2D animation was started from the entertainment industry, where it had played a very significant role in providing a pleasurable and engaging experience for children in the form of cartoons. In today’s time, 2D animated videos are not seen much on screen but still are vastly use at many places to provide knowledge as well as enjoyment.

3D Video Animation

With the flat images on the screen, the world was seeking out for some more unique features that they can see in the animated movies, so as to fulfill the needs, the graphic designers and animators worked together and brought the 3D video animations into being. It was considered as the most amazing and eye-catching form of the animations, which are used in many places for different reasons.

The most incredible quality of the 3D video animation is that it gives a very real life-like look to the audience, as it is created on the three-dimensional space and coordinates, it is easy for the animators to provide a little depth to make it look real.

3D animations indeed have a very high demand in every industry, whether it is a construction company, an educational institute, or a startup organization, 3D videos and graphics are helpful in every way to clasp the audience’s attention effortlessly.

2.5D Video Animation

With the rising demands of 3D video animations, the use of 2D video animations has been bottled-up, and it is also even heard that in the coming days if the request of the 3d animated videos will rise more, then 2D animations will be removed entirely from the platform. In order to keep this form of animation alive and in existence, designers and animators came up with the solution to introduce a technology that is a combination of both 2D and 3D animation. They bring together 2.5D video animation which has the objects and characters to be created in 2D space, whereas the entire scene is formed in the 3D format giving depth to the graphics to provide a realistic effect.

Explainer Video Animation

Another amazing type of video animations include the explainer videos which are proved to be very resourceful in explaining various strategies and delivering the right message to the aimed audience. People use the explainer video animation for startup companies as well in order to explain their stakeholders and other audience different tactical plans to them about their operations and workings.

There are several other uses of the explainer videos as well in the other relatable industries, as its demand is very high with students as well as to deliver their presentations explaining their projects with much more clarity. It is evidently very easy to illustrate and describe anything related to any topic with the help of the explainer videos as the visualizations help grab the information easily as compared to the textual representation of any document.

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