5 Reasons to Monitor Your Teen Internet Usage

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Teen’s Internet Usage

Nowadays, teens spend more times than adults when it comes to using smartphones, searching online and using their devices. There is a sort of deep addiction among the teens when it comes to the internet and its use. Various studies have reported the harmful effects of the internet as well as social media on teens.

A most recent research study found that the use of social media has negative effects on teens and it leads to depression, particularly in girls. There are many reasons behind all this. The biggest one is the life on the internet is fake. People compare them with others and end up in stress, depression, and anxiety.

When it comes to the teens, the situation is even worse. Teens are more affected by social media and its effects. An adult knows what he is going to search and what effects it will have. But teens don’t know the agenda. They spend more time on the internet than with their books. This is also a cause of stress for the parents. The teens should be monitored and their activities on the internet should be checked.

Here are some reasons why parents should monitor the internet usage of their teens.

  • Cyberbullying and to keep teens away from it
  • Sexting, which is engulfing teens all around the world
  • Online predators who misuse teens
  • Protecting personal information that teens often share
  • Limiting screen time to focus on healthy activities


This is the major reason why parents should monitor the use of the internet by their kids. Parents give devices, phones, and tablets to young ones and teens but don’t know how badly they can affect their kids. Most of the dating websites are accessible to the teens and they connect with strangers. Even many teens become sugar babies.

Some get intimate with unknown people who they even don’t know. Apart from all this, teens are bullied online and particularly on social sites. This is really dangerous for a teen and kills the inner confidence of a young person.


Over 70% of teens in the world do sexting and they have confessed. There are many reasons why teens do sexting. 12% believe it offers them pleasure and they feel more satisfied with sexting. Apart from pleasure, some teens are forced by predators and sugar daddies and mammas.

For teens this is fine. But the parents know how destructive this is for their children. With sexting, teens experience worse relationship cases. Their practical life with partners is ruined when they have faced breakups at a young age.

Online Predators

With the internet and gadgets, teens can access anything they want until their parents restrict their use. Now, few apps allow parents to limit the use of the internet and certain websites but not all parents know about it. Moreover, teens are smart and they know how to bypass such things.

When they use the internet and social sites, they become victims of online predators. The predators are the people who exploit young people and teens. They connect with them, get their personal information and can harm them anytime. There have been many cases where teens were left harmed by the online predators.

Protecting Information

Teens without knowing to share their personal information on social websites. Even they befriend with people who they even don’t know. Such people on social sites are a danger for the teens as well as the whole family. When personal details are shared, the people know everything about a teen and their family.

The information can be misused. Locations of teens can be tracked and they can get kidnapped for ransom. The ultimate end is dangerous and problematic for the parents. For this reason, parents should monitor their teens.

Limit Screen Time

It has been noticed the performance of teens are school and colleges is deteriorating with every passing day. The new generation is more digital than their parents and even siblings. A teen usually spends 3-4 hours a day on the internet and social website. Apart from physical effects, the life and mindset of a teen is affected in negative ways with excessive use of social sites.

Way Forward- How to Do it?

The reasons discussed above are alarming for every parent. The teens have phone and tablets so the parents can monitor their activities and keep a check on what they do. With android spy app, parents can better protect their children. The monitoring apps allow parents to check calls, messages, social sites, record screen, listen to audio calls, track location and many other options.


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