6 Fun Technology Accessories To Control From iOS And Android

6 Fun Technology Accessories To Control From iOS And Android

The technology is designed by large companies so that consumers have the possibility to enjoy a fuller life full of comforts and facilities. And this is something that, after all, saves us very valuable time.

On this occasion, we are going to recommend a series of accessories, gadgets and very curious technology devices that will offer you the possibility of taking your control from an iPhone, an iPad or any Android device. It’s very easy, and you can use voice commands!

Accessories for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones

Hey Siri, offer me a colorful show!

We started strong, with the LED panel kit with colored lights from Nanoleaf. These panels can be attached to almost any surface, and you can buy as many as you want. In addition, you can control your colors from iOS and Android … and has amazing effects shows!

Siri, I have heat turn on the fan!

6 Fun Technology Accessories To Control From iOS And Android

Thanks to an intelligent plug with Wi-Fi connectivity you will have the possibility to turn on and off the lights, the fan, the stove and any appliance you connect. You can control its operation from your official application on iOS and Android to save good money on the electricity bill. In addition, if you buy two units you will have a discount of 26 to 18.71 euros.

Hey Siri, I’m hot … and hungry!

6 Fun Technology Accessories To Control From iOS And Android

If the previous plug you found useful, wait to see this strip with four plugs. I use it a lot in my day to day to connect and disconnect things like the TV, the battery charger of the iPhone, the lamps or the PlayStation. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Highly recommended!

Start video recording!

This stabilizer or gimbal of Zhiyun is one of the most interesting on the market because it is specially designed for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X and the latest XR and XS models. It will allow you to record timelapse, snapshots and videos with tracking objects and without the need to touch the screen of your iPhone at any time. Everything automated.

I need a good massage!

Can there be something more relaxing than lying on the couch and controlling the type of message you want to receive from your mobile phone? That said, an intelligent electro-stimulator with up to 10 different intensities.

Hey, Siri! Who is knocking at the door?

Can you imagine having the possibility to see who is knocking on the door from your iPhone? This camera can be installed as a bell and peephole next to your door and has motion detection, night vision, and many more functions.

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