6 News That Will Arrive At WhatsApp Very Soon

6 News That Will Arrive At WhatsApp Very Soon

WhatsApp is the messaging application par excellence, however, it is not usually the first to introduce news. WhatsApp is incorporating small improvements with a dropper but still expect big changes that could come before the end of 2019.

Many of these developments have been revealed in the betas of the application, in fact, you can try it on your iPhone if you are interested in trying the WhatsApp news before anyone else.

News that will reach WhatsApp

Dark mode

The dark mode has reached iOS 13 and it seems that WhatsApp is going to be next. In the betas of the application, we have already seen this function called “Night Mode”. WhatsApp has been developing this dark theme for its app for a long time and it seems that it is almost finished.

When called night mode it is possible to activate only with ambient light, something that Telegram already does. Hopefully, it can be synchronized with Apple’s official dark mode.

6 News That Will Arrive At WhatsApp Very Soon

QR codes to share contacts

A function that has been rumored for years and that we should see very soon. Thanks to QR codes we could add contacts much faster, although for this the app should incorporate one. the new dedicated section that allows users to scan other people’s code.

States shared with Facebook

Another rumor we have heard in recent weeks and that seems confirmed is that WhatsApp states can be shared with other apps. The WhatsApp statuses work in a similar way to the Stories of Facebook or Instagram, so it makes sense that you can share them between apps.

Animated stickers

The arrival of stickers was a revolution and there are great applications in the App Store that allow us to create incredible stickers. The next step of WhatsApp seems to be in the animated stickers, we have already seen some samples of these animated stickers that should arrive very soon.

6 News That Will Arrive At WhatsApp Very Soon


Yes, the announcements are also going to be one of the novelties that will arrive very soon to WhatsApp and we have already seen information on how they will be exactly. The announcements will reach the States of WhatsApp in 2020, so you should get used to it.

WhatsApp on the iPad

Durant years has been one of the most recurring requests users and it seems that at last WhatsApp is preparing a special version for the iPad. Thanks to the information that WABetaInfo unveiled, we have learned that there are already versions of the development of this adaptation of the popular app on the iPad. Hopefully, it is one of the novelties that arrive before.

6 News That Will Arrive At WhatsApp Very Soon

We expect great news from WhatsApp, many of them have been developing for many months so your arrival should be imminent, hopefully before the end of 2019. However, we already know that WhatsApp usually takes calmly the arrival of new functions, so They will arrive little by little.

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