7 apps and augmented reality games that you have to try on your iPhone

7 apps and augmented reality games that you have to try on your iPhone

Augmented reality applications are gaining great importance in recent months, Pokémon GO started this trend that many games have followed and now we have a new game of Angry Birds, the expected Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and even Minecraft have wanted to add.

Apple makes everything very easy thanks to its ARKit platform, tools that will be enhanced again with iOS 13. If you like this type of games you are in luck, today we bring you a compilation with the best games and augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download from the App Store.

The best-augmented reality apps for iPhone

In this collection, we have both applications and games that take advantage of augmented reality to surprise us.

Sky Guide

Probably one of the best apps to observe the stars, an application that stands out for its design and its ease of use. No matter which constellation you are looking for, simply point to the sky and you will see them in the app, wonder and an example of how to use augmented reality.


An app designed to learn in a fun way. We have hundreds of 3D models that we can see in the living room or at the table in our house. We can see from the operation of a lock to the layers of Earth, a great app that you must try.

AR Runner

An app that mixes sport with augmented reality, and you can also compete with friends. We have different tests that we must perform, such as running to certain points marked on the terrain in less than the marked time.

IKEA Place

The Ikea catalog placed in your house in a matter of seconds. Do you want to know how that sofa is in your living room? Or how is that shelf in your room? This app is perfect to see it without leaving home, just with your iPhone.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

According to his own description is “the final augmented reality shooting game”. We have control of an incredibly armed combat helicopter and we will have to destroy the zombies that will flood our house from the sky. A very entertaining game to play by moving.

Smash Tanks!

A game to play against friends and family thanks to augmented reality. We control a battalion of tanks with which we will have to shoot to destroy our opponents. You can play against other players or against a powerful artificial intelligence.

AR Robot

Robot fights at the table in your house is what AR Robot promises, plus it also allows a local multiplayer that promises a lot of fun. A free game that you like to have on your iPhone or iPad.

Undoubtedly the augmented reality apps are the future and this selection is an example of this. It is a technology that Apple has been working on for a long time and that will probably improve when they release their smart glasses.

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