7 Essential Steps to Help Your Small Business create an online presence

Here are some figures and stats which every small business owner will find interesting

  • There are 2.22 billion active social media users worldwide.
  • 78% of the population in the US has a social profile.
  • 97% of consumers are a majority from the age group of 18-34 worldwide
  • These people value online reviews to judge a local business.


So, if you are still deciding to create an online presence for your small business, then start planning retirement for yourself. This is not offensive, but it is the fact; today’s world is all about technology. So, even if you deal with electric wires or have a business that deals with terracotta potteries and artifact (which actually has no requirement for the clients to be tech savvy), you really need to reach out to the audience through the digital platform.

Some mistake/ confuse it for creating a profile on Facebook and posting messages and pictures.  This is their share of work to gain the media attention and now they wait for leads and traffic which I can assure you will be at a snail’s pace.

The right way is to create a niche and start to pitch for attention.

But hold on, you need to know in detail about the process because it I not always possible to erase the digital footprint created by anyone. One negative review, comment, and even message have the potential to do a lot of damage and the worst, they cannot be erased or removed.

To start building the digital platform for mall business, here are the very important pointers everyone should know

  1. Design a good website and make it search engine optimized

The website is the online address for your business and without it, you are actually trying to promote your business online without a store. The website gives a kind of legitimacy to your business and provides the base for the functionality of the venture.

  1. A Website should have live chat options and stay connect to reply to the queries and answer them

No one likes to visit a website which has the same display every day. Monotony is suicidal in the online platform. Add life to the website by posting interesting reads, videos, interviews and other interactions which actually is very vital for your business.

Prompt reply to clients makes them feel valuable and wanted, they might not make a purchase or buy. to place an order, but an interactive website always remains in the mind of the searchers. They know the place to knock the next time they need to buy.

  1. List your website in the local website listing for better visibility

There is a ceiling to everything and the ambitious ones know how to break it. Once you have done enough to direct traffic to your website; try to reach the other unexplored domain by getting your website listed in the local website listing.

The searchers might not know about you and your digital presence, but the listing to these websites will definitely direct them to you. Get yourself mentioned on these pages, believe me, it is very important as it adds to the credibility of the business which is relatively new on the digital platform.

  1. Analyze your competitors and navigate the social media to reach your target audience

Any business irrespective of the service or product will have competition, unfortunately, in the digital platform, it will be both- local and global. You need to battle with someone in the same geographical boundary and also with the competitor based overseas.

  1. Hire experts and engage a team to manage your digital presence

This is for sure that you cannot be the jack of all trades and so you need expert help to maintain the digital presence. There are expert professionals who will do the job for you. They know the nuances and technicalities of the work.

There are experts who will do the job for you. Find out about professionals who keeps up with latest technology and the trends that can help and grow your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to set goals and targets with deadlines for them.

  1. Run frequent campaigns and make a comparison of the results

Find out exactly with the tools about what people are saying about you. A Google Alert will inform you about your small business online action which will benefit you with user reviews from the customers. 

Google e-mail Alerts sift through the noise and provide the source details as well. Not only this, Google informs and delivers all of the articles and information related to your business, straight to your e-mail inbox.

This analytics option skims the useless data and helps to create more specific and customer related data and information. This also helps in creating a useful roadmap for the future and overcome the shortcomings in the existing performing wheels.

  1. Make your website compatible on all devices; especially mobile phones

This is the most fatal but unfortunately the commonest mistake. The website is not at all user- friendly and lacks universal compatibility with all the devices. Mobile phones are now taking over the other gadgets and now the PC’s are only sought for their screen size.

Mobiles are now used for everything, streaming, shopping, sending emails, downloading reports and everything.

In this case, if your website is not compatible with mobiles and their OS (Operating Systems) then, you need to go back and settle it as the first thing to your online presence.

How does online presence revolutionize small businesses?

It has created a huge impact and on one side it has open the global stage for them, but on the other side, they need to fight competition from the big MNC’s. a small vendor does compete with strong and powerful brands and yet emerges as the winner.

Well, the right digital presence matters the most to reach the goal. Creating and getting on the digital platform is not tough, the challenge is to do the job correctly and to sustain it.

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