A New Image Of The AirPower Base Appears And The Alarms Go Off

A New Image Of The AirPower Base Appears And The Alarms Go Off

In this crazy week of releases, we do not know what we can expect from Apple and the AirPower base appears in all the pools to reach the Apple Store very soon. On Monday and by surprise appeared the new iPad Air and iPad mini, on Tuesday the iMac, yesterday the AirPods 2, so we all hope that the next device is the base AirPower.

In addition, Apple does not stop making “errors” and the images of the AirPower charging base do not stop leaking. Yesterday we saw how one of these secret images appeared on the Apple website, now a new image has reappeared, in this case, it is hidden on the Apple Australia website.

Will we see the AirPower base soon?

This type of images is on the Apple website for some reason. After all the delays and problems that Apple has had eliminated all the information referring to AirPower from its website, however, now these images reappear.

A New Image Of The AirPower Base Appears And The Alarms Go Off

It seems clear that the reason is that the wireless charging base will finally be put on sale and Apple is waiting for the right moment. It can be today, tomorrow or next week but everything indicates that we should see it this month.

There are many doubts that we still have on this basis of wireless charging, we know that it will be able to charge up to three devices at once and that the iPhone will be a kind of control center. But like more. Apple promised a release in 2018 that has not occurred and many analysts expect it to come out soon.

Seeing the week of launches that we have, it is possible that before we finish we can see the AirPower base in the Apple Store. Apple is making a launch every day instead of presenting everything at once, the last device may be the AirPower base.

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