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A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes in New York

The Galaxy Note 9 of a woman explodes in her bag after noticing that it was beginning to heat up a lot

The disaster of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that exploded all over the world was one of the great disasters of the year, even of the decade in the sphere of consumer technology, but now Samsung faces to reopen closed wounds with the first case of a Galaxy Note 9 explode.

Diane Chung has sued Samsung in a court in New York because her new Galaxy Note 9 explode in her purse on September 3. According to the demand that the New York Post has seen, the phone started to get very hot and Chung stopped using it by putting it in his bag. After making a strange noise, smoke began to come out, a normal reaction when the Lithium Ion batteries start to burn.

Chung says he emptied his bag in an elevator and the phone was still fuming. While the battery was still consumed by the fire, a passenger of the elevator picked it up with a rag and put it in a bucket of water.

This case is reminiscent of what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, when ten cases of explosions and flaming batteries were reported around the world, especially in the United States, South Korea, and China.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Explode

Samsung Note 9

This is the first known case of a Galaxy Note 9 explode. For now, there is no type of alarm because, although it is very rare and there are few cases, batteries can fail and explode, as has happened with phones of other brands, generally by the use of unofficial components or manipulations.

During the presentation in 2017 of the Galaxy Note 8, battery security was put as a fundamental part after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Even last August at the present conference of the new phone, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh commented that “users should not worry about batteries anymore.”

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