All That Is Known About The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, One Of The Mobile That Wants To Fall In Love

All That Is Known About The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, One Of The Mobile That Wants To Fall In Love

The South Korean firm prepares the imminent launch of its new flagship coinciding with two important moments, the prick of its latest models and the tenth anniversary of this “galactic” range Samsung wants to take all the applause this course. He has become handsome to celebrate the ten years of the arrival of his galactic family. And he’s going to throw the house out the window. That’s for sure. It does not want distractions, nor failures, nor moments for uncertainty. And more after coming from a period in which their latest models have had a cold reception in the market. Dragged, of course, by the slowdown in the Chinese economy, but anticipating profound changes in the sector.

Everything is ready for February 20 to show the world its new toy, the Galaxy S10. One week before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A launch eagerly awaited by the sector because it will also come with the year of the flexible mobile by which firms such as Xiaomi, Huawei or even Apple, aims to amaze consumers. But the South Korean giant plays in the big leagues, in the first divisions. His tactic will be to advance the lines, strengthen the defenses and deal hard blows to his rivals with four models differentiated in principle by size but also by performance.

Although everything is part of the crystal ball that is extracted from the strictest rumor mill, users can already get an idea of what the new smartphones can be like. The leaks, possibly controlled by the brand itself to generate excitement, describe a model dubbed Samsung Galaxy S10 + or Galaxy S10 Plus that will have five cameras (13, 16 and 16 megapixels), that is, a triple camera tarsera and a double lens on the front, which according to the first designs will break with asynchrony to be displaced towards the top right.

A somewhat controversial location but, as one of its main contributions, will be further integrated into the screen in a kind of “hole” within that touch surface and that will allow it to have only frames. Of designs lighter and lighter than their predecessors, everything points to the signature will return to incorporate a panel with slightly curved sides. A concept somewhat hackneyed but still brings beauty and personality. As for its dimensions, it is most likely that it presents a diagonal of 6.4 inches of Super AMOLED type capable of generating a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels, with a density of 511 dots per inch.

There are also no certainties about its technical performance, but taking into account the leaks it is expected that the Galaxy S10 Plus incorporates an Exynos 9820 microprocessor – only for the European market – driven by 6 GB of RAM. Some impressive figures that, theoretically, must confer a very high power. There are, on the other hand, analyst reports that even give more data; 12 GB of RAM, although it may be exaggerations.

Space will also not be scarce. Quite the contrary. Samsung is going big, allowing up to 1 TB, although with certain concessions – through microSD-. A “smartphone” of such characteristics should also have a very durable autonomy, which is expected to add a battery of up to 4,000 mAh. What is taken for granted is that in addition to keeping the 3.5 mm minijack headphone jack – which other manufacturers have said goodbye to – it will have a USB-C charging port. It has not yet been confirmed but it is possible that this Samsung terminal will support the new fifth generation mobile telephony networks, the 5G calls, since this year they will begin to deploy.

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