Amazon Echo with Alexa Reviews and Unboxing

Amazon Echo with Alexa Reviews and Unboxing

One of the technologies that have come strong this year has been the smart speakers. The HomePod Apple with Siri, the Google Home of Google with Assistant and especially the Echo Amazon with Alexa.

Amazon Echo with Alexa Unboxing

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In the clips tab we have already tested all of them both individually and in comparison, and the Amazon system has seemed the most complete and useful. besides the most affordable. That’s why we’ve done this unboxing to find out what we can find (and how to make it work) if we get one.

Amazon Echo with Alexa Reviews

Amazon Echo has been very astute allowing its Alexa to be integrated into speakers manufactured by other brands and has also reached agreements with companies such as Telepizza or BurgerKing so that it has created an ecosystem of really practical use.

Amazon Echo with Alexa Price

Prices may vary according to offers but from 59.99 euros it is possible to find the Echo Dot, rising to 99.99 of the normal Echo, although there are other options.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) - Intelligent speaker with Alexa, anthracite colored fabric

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