Amazon Music Unlimited VS Apple Music, Amazon Breaks The Market With This Offer

Amazon Music Unlimited VS Apple Music, Amazon Breaks The Market With This Offer

The music has changed since a few years ago Apple practically invented the purchase and download of songs online and now streaming music services are the ones that lead the way. There are many options in the market and although Spotify stands out from the rest, other alternatives such as Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited are also great alternatives.

The platform of Apple has grown to be placed in the second position, however offers like the one that just launched Amazon are almost irrechazables. For a limited time, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited for only 0.99 euros per month for 4 months, an offer that neither Apple Music nor Spotify can match.

What Amazon Music Unlimited offers and what Apple Music offers

In both platforms, we have more than 50 million songs, so it is clear that they are quite similar and the catalog matches 99%. The last songs that you have heard and danced are present in both Amazon Music and Apple Music.

On the other hand, these are the advantages of Amazon Music Unlimited :

  • Have unlimited access to your favorite songs.
  • A la carte and always without advertising.
  • Listen without connection and with unlimited jumps.
  • Listen in hands-free mode with Alexa.
  • Price: only 0.99 euros for 4 months.

For its part Apple Music has some advantages if you have a fairly large Apple ecosystem, however, the price offered by the Apple platform is 9.99 euros per month. This means that over the next 4 months you will pay 39.96 euros for the 0.99 euros offered by Amazon Music Unlimited.

It is a difference of almost 39 euros that you can spend on those you prefer during the holidays. We love Apple Music but it is true that an offer like Amazon Music Unlimited is impossible to refuse.

If you want to listen to all the music for less than one euro during the next 4 months we recommend that you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited as soon as possible, this promotion ends on July 16 and then returns to its normal price.

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