Apple Could Have Canceled Its Smart Glasses Of Augmented Reality

Apple Could Have Canceled Its Smart Glasses Of Augmented Reality

For many years there has been speculation that Apple could launch its own “smart glasses”, a new accessory for the iPhone that would be based on augmented reality, that is, on seeing objects and indications about what we are seeing. Apple has been striving for years to improve this technology that has brought us incredible games and apps to the iPhone and iPad and now everything would have been in vain.

According to previous reports, it was not expected that the company would launch them until 2020 as soon as, but according to the information from DigiTimes, via MacRumors, the development of Apple glasses has ended. This means that in Cupertino they have decided to cancel the project.

Apple cancels its glasses

Patents on these alleged glasses have seen several so we were all clear that Apple was developing a device like this. However, on its concrete operation, it was not known so much. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, these glasses will work in a similar way to Apple Watch, that is, you will need an iPhone to be able to use them.

Apple Could Have Canceled Its Smart Glasses Of Augmented Reality

Even Mark Gurman, one of the people who know most about Apple, ventured to say that these glasses would arrive next year with a new operating system called “ROS”.

These are two important informants with a great reputation but the Digitimes report contradicts everything that has been said so far. On many occasions the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has praised the augmented reality, arguing that he sees it as a technology that “amplifies human performance instead of isolating humans” so that a device like this seemed to enter the Apple plans.

We will see if the information of Digitimes is true or not, in previous occasions they have failed although they have also been successful with other rumors.

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