Apple could reduce the Apple Music trial period to a single month

Apple Could Reduce The Apple Music Trial Period To A Single Apple

Apple Music has launched quite a long time ago, in 2015, and since then it has always offered a 3-month trial period for free, even more, if you are a student. This was one of the most differentiated points with Spotify, which only offers a 30-day trial.

However, this could change very soon as according to an announcement that appears on the Apple website, the trial period of Apple Music could be reduced to only one month. We do not know if it is a mistake or that the company is changing this trial period.

Apple Music can only be tested for one month

If we access the Apple website in the accessories area below we will see an Apple Music ad. This announcement promotes the Apple service and now the text “One month with us. Try it now. ”

Apple could reduce the Apple Music trial period to a single month

The text seems to make it clear that the trial period would be only one month, however, clicking on the link directs us to Apple Music and the trial period is still three months. In fact, if we enter the Spanish Apple website and go to that same place, the three free months continue to appear.

We do not know if it is a change that Apple is preparing and that will be introduced little by little or it is an error in this announcement that will be solved shortly. Recall that although the user does not pay for those 3 months free Apple if you must pay royalties to the artists.

It does not sound crazy that Apple reduces the Apple Music trial months to just 30 days, after all, it is what its rivals offer so it would simply match them in this regard.

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