Apple Has Hired The Creator Of The Xbox

Apple Has Hired The Creator Of The Xbox

Nat Brown, the creator of Microsoft’s Xbox, has recently joined Apple to help the company with its Apple Arcade project. Apple Arcade, as you know, is the new video game platform of the company of the apple bite. A platform that will have more than 100 exclusive games and will be focused on redesigning from scratch the gaming experience for players.

This is how Nat Brown announced his hiring for Apple:


Nat Brown and Apple

Before arriving at Apple, Nat Brown has been working as a virtual reality engineer on the Valve team. But the study closed the virtual reality division earlier this year 2019. Nat Brown was one of the first engineers to join the Xbox project in 1999. Will you create something so big this time at Apple?

According to Nat Brown himself, he has an obsession with systems and ecosystem engineering and will try to follow that path at Apple. But he has said that in principle “it will focus on all graphics applications” and will work alongside developers on graphics on Apple platforms.

In 2013, Nat Brown talked about how Apple TV had the great potential to destroy video game games thanks to its compatibility with third-party applications. Microsoft and other video game platforms now also include indie games, but not at that time.

So far, we don’t know what kind of graphics Nat Brown will work on. Nor do we know if he will join the Apple glasses project, given his experience with virtual reality. We will continue to inform.

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