Apple Lowers 80 Euros The Price Of The iPhone In China

Apple Lowers 80 Euros The Price Of The iPhone In China

Apple and China are going through a complicated phase of their relationship. In general, the Chinese market has always been very receptive to Apple products, but for a while, they have stopped being interested in them, especially the iPhone. And is that if the market for smartphones in the country of the rising sun is in decline, the mobiles of the Cupertino are falling sharply.

The company of Tim Cook fights by all the means so that the mark does not fall in misfortune in China. Several of the most important stores there have often lowered the prices of the iPhone to attract customers and, in fact, last February sales rose by 75 %. But the market has stagnated again and Apple has had to take the matter personally.

It is the first time this year that the prices of the iPhone in Apple’s China Store have dropped

On previous occasions, it was not the company itself that made the discounts on the iPhone, but Chinese Internet giants such as Tmall and JD. However, this time it has been Apple that has downloaded them in the online store in that country.

From Monday you can buy the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 at a somewhat lower price than usual, specifically up to 80 euros cheaper depending on the model chosen. According to Caixinglobal, this discount is due to the reduction of taxes in China on the tax burden for manufacturing and other sectors.

At the moment, this discount does not appear in all stores and shops in China, but it is expected that prices will be updated as the days go by. It’s also not a big difference from the original value, and it’s probably not enough for the iPhone to return to its glory days, but it’s better than nothing.

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