Apple News + is not safe: magazines can be downloaded without being a subscriber

Apple News + Is Not Safe: Magazines Can Be Downloaded Without Being A Subscriber

We agree that Apple’s last Keynote, held on March 25, was unlike any we had seen in the past. For the first time, attention was not focused on devices or operating systems, but on services. And is that Apple has realized that you can get a good pinch through them.

While Apple Arcade, its video game platform with more than 100 available titles and Apple TV +, its service of series and movies in streaming, will be available in much of the world, not so with Apple News +. This improvement over Apple News, an application to read news restricted mainly to the United States, allows access to more than 300 magazines and media for the payment of a monthly fee.

Although since its announcement has expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom, where it is already available, there are some things that Apple should change. It has been discovered that magazines can be downloaded without being a subscriber and, of course, that is not the intention of the Cupertino.

Apple does not protect Apple News + publications

It seems that someone at Apple has not paid special attention to the issue of protecting magazines, “forgetting” to implement a DRM system or something like that. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith shared a discovery on his Twitter account that Californians will not like.

Regardless of whether you have a subscription or not, Apple News + preloads the first pages of the publication and can be obtained through the macOS cache, making it easy to reconstruct a preview of the number in PDF. Those who pay for the subscription can get all the pages of the magazine and put them together to form the complete number.

Continuing with his research, Troughton-Smith also discovered that even without a subscription a file listing all the pages was generated and that with the creation of a simple tool the whole number of a magazine could be downloaded page by page.

Of course, this will be something that does not like the media that have joined the new platform of Apple, and surely the latter will solve it very soon through an update.

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