Apple Patents A Perfect Hybrid OLED Screen For Your Glasses Or iPhone Of The Future

Apple Patents A Perfect Hybrid OLED Screen For Your Glasses Or iPhone Of The Future

Apparently, Apple is working on a screen technology that combines the best of OLED displays and Quantum dot (Q) LED. The company of the bitten apple has registered a new patent that details the use of a hybrid screen for iPhone and its augmented reality glasses.

Perhaps at first glance, it may seem like just another rumor. But we who have seen circulating all kinds of rumors and seeing how Apple patents all kinds of ideas, we know that when the river sounds, water carries. And not so long for the Cupertino firm to launch its augmented reality glasses … Specifically, they will arrive in 2020.

A QLED and OLED screen

Quantum dot technology is based on luminescent particles that can be controlled in a very efficient way. They are not illuminated pixels. QLED technology is already present in the market, although until now we have only been able to watch it on TV sets.

QLED hybrid displays could offer a large number of benefits to consumers, even more than OLED displays. These would be the benefits of hybrid screens QLED and OLED.

  • Broader color spaces, as well as more accurate and vivid colors.
  • A better energy efficiency, which would provide greater autonomy and greater brightness.
  • Better response times than OLED screens, giving a more fluid experience.
  • In theory, QLED technology would allow creating screens that are finer than OLED technology.
  • A manufacturing process that could reduce costs in the long term.

For some of these reasons, Apple’s patent could be focused on future iPhone devices, Apple Watch or its augmented reality glasses. Although it is also worth mentioning that the company is already developing microLED panels for their smartwatches.

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