Apple Restructures Its AR Glasses Team To Put Some Order

Apple Restructures Its AR Glasses Team To Put Some Order

We have known for a long time that Apple is working on its own smart glasses and that all the efforts that the company is making on augmented reality are aimed at paving the way for this revolutionary device.

However, it seems that things are not going as Apple had planned and the company has moved one of its most important software executives to the division responsible for developing its augmented reality glasses as reported by The Information today.

Kim Vorrath will lead the Apple glasses project

Apple has decided to lead Kim Vorrath, who has directed program management in the software development team for over 15 years, to lead its augmented reality glasses project. Now he has moved to the virtual and augmented reality team that was headed by Mike Rockwell.

Apple Restructures Its AR Glasses Team To Put Some Order

According to The Information, Vorrath is a “powerful force” in the software team that always ensures that employees meet deadlines and at the same time is able to test the software to find and correct errors.

Recall that just a few weeks ago Digitimes reported that Apple had canceled the project and dissolved the equipment. It seems clear that the only thing Apple has done has been to restructure its equipment and continue with its glasses with a new leader capable of bringing the project to fruition.

We have been hearing rumors about supposed Apple glasses for a long time, however, we will not know what will end up happening with this project and possible launch dates. Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple had a deadline next year for the launch of its glasses, but after these changes, the launch may be delayed. Although on the other hand, Tim Cook revealed that they were working on incredible devices that we would see very soon, we can only wait.

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