Apple Shares 5 New Tutorials On Its YouTube Channel

Apple Shares 5 New Tutorials On Its YouTube Channel

A couple of days ago Apple updated its website with a curious, extensive and comprehensive guide entitled “That’s iPhone” with tricks of iOS 12 for iPhone. Today, the company returns to the fray with a very similar promotional campaign.

Apple has shared a total of five video tutorials on its YouTube channel. These new videos show us features like Face ID, Wallet, photography and much more.

The new Apple video tutorials

Each of the videos that Apple recently posted on its YouTube channel lasts approximately 15 seconds. They are short and concise and focus on a single function.

iPhone – Use your face as your password

In this video, Apple not only tells us how Face ID is a very safe way to unlock our iPhone. It also shows us how we can keep our information safe by opening an application and logging in with Face ID.

iPhone – Do not worry about water splashes

In this video, they simply throw water at the iPhone and show how it continues to work:

iPhone – Find the perfect capture

A little trick that offers us the possibility of editing the thumbnail of the Live Photos on the iPhone:

iPhone – Chat with an expert

In this video the company promotes Apple Support to suggest how to chat with an expert if we have problems:

iPhone – How to access your boarding pass

With the Wallet app, Apple shows us how to access our boarding pass more easily:

Apple regularly publishes these types of videos on its YouTube channel. He already did the same with Apple Watch, iPad and iOS. What do you think about this type of Apple campaigns?

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