Apple Shows New Apple Watch Video Tutorials

Apple Shows New Apple Watch Video Tutorials

Did you just land with the new Apple Watch? Do you know the basic handling of the watch but want to know more and how to get the most out of it? You’re in luck, Apple has proposed that you get to do it in the best way possible, and has posted a few hours ago no less than 6 small videos.

Yes, these little gems in the form of mini pills of less than 40 seconds can be digested in a very short time, and are designed for those who do not want to spend too much time knowing the most essential functioning of the new Apple watch.

The new Apple Watch, an evolutionary leap

We have already commented on numerous occasions [the benefits of Apple’s smart watch], one of the most fashionable wearables and that has managed to become big since it appeared in 2015. Apple makes a clear commitment to health, giving its smartwatch never seen functions, such as the ability to control the heart rate. And he has the honor of having saved even some life.

For these reasons, and for how it is getting to move other brands that have been manufacturing this type of devices for a longer time, it is interesting that you pay attention to the Cupertino play: a clock capable of almost everything and what it does, that It is not little, he does it wonderfully. If you want to finish convincing yourself, we invite you to take a look at his 6 mini videos so warm and that will surely help you to better understand the operation of this device.

At the moment they are available only in the English language but do not worry because they are easy to understand and in a few days we have a translation into Spanish. What do you think of these little videos with which Apple has surprised us?

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