Apple Sold A Whopping 35 Million AirPods In 2018

Apple Sold A Whopping 35 Million AirPods In 2018

There is no longer anyone who doubts the overwhelming success that the AirPods have had, since its launch more than two years ago, its sales have not fallen below. Apple has not only sold 35 million AirPods, but it has also managed to become the most desired brand of headphones according to the latest study by Counterpoint.

From this study, you can also extract very interesting data on the market for fully wireless headphones, a booming market that could triple sales in 2020. Apple has an opportunity that should not be missed.

35 million AirPods in one year

This study shows the sales of truly wireless headphones, that is, those that do not have any type of cable that unites them. A market in which AirPods is the maximum reference with approximately three-quarters of sales.

Apple Sold A Whopping 35 Million AirPods In 2018

The last year 2018, 46 million “truly” wireless headphones were sold, 35 of which correspond to Apple’s AirPods. However, it is upmarket that Apple will take advantage of to compensate iPhone sales with a more than possible second generation of AirPods.

The study reports that we will go from 46 million to 129 million wireless headphones sold in the year 2020. Brands such as Samsung, Bose, Jabra, Huawei, Bragi, LG, Google or Amazon are pushing and launching new devices during this time.

The study also produced a small survey questioning which brand of the wireless headset was preferred by users and what stood out for each of the brands.

Apple Sold A Whopping 35 Million AirPods In 2018

Apple has turned out to be the preferred company with a 19% interest and users have highlighted the comfort and fit of the Airports, its ease of use, portability and finally its audio quality. This is based on what they say with Bose, where the audio quality is above the rest.

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