Apple Will Bring Back A More Advanced Touch ID In Future iPad

Apple Will Bring Back A More Advanced Touch ID In Future iPad

After the arrival of new devices such as iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPad Pro … Apple decided to remove the Touch ID function (while its competitors implemented a fingerprint sensor in the back) to make way for the facial recognition system Face ID. But this does not imply that the Touch ID function will not come back in the future …

Apple may be considering the option to redeploy Touch ID functionality in its future mobile devices. But with a quite significant change …

Apple Will Bring Back A More Advanced Touch ID In Future iPad

Recently it was discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an ultrasonic fingerprint reader integrated into the screen. This technology has been possible thanks to two companies: General Interface Solution and O-film Tech. Ambras will provide Samsung with these sensors.

This information comes from an anonymous source in the supply chain, and curiously they also cited Apple. Which brings us to the possibility that the company of the bitten apple implements a Touch ID recognition system integrated into the screen in the future … not too far away.

Both GIS and O-film are competing with another provider, TPK Holding. The three manufacturing firms will want to gain a foothold among applications for Apple modules for the Touch ID fingerprint reader in the future iPad.

And here comes the interesting. Did you know that O-film Tech and General Interface Solution are currently suppliers of components for iPad?

However, there is still no evidence on whether Apple will move forward with this initiative or not. But one thing is clear. If the rivals of the smartphone market include fingerprint sensors on the screen, Apple will, too. And, probably, better. It has always been his marketing strategy.

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