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Ariadna, an app to save lives

The Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) and the Red Cross have created a mobile application, Ariadna, in which a collaborative map geolocates “without delay the closest defibrillator (DEA)”.

In a statement, has ensured that from today you can download this application for free and coincides with the celebration of September 8 of the World First Aid Day. These organizations remember that “speed is key” to treat patients because, for every second that goes by without action, the survival of the person is reduced by 10%.

The Ariadna app is a collaborative map in which the user can register as a “tracker”, who can indicate the location of a defibrillator with photographs of the place, or “collaborator”, for that person who has an official training certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques (CPR).

The designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has joined this initiative designing the image of the application and the “superheroine Ariadna” and has assured that she is “very excited about this project” because “we should all know where the nearest DEA is ”

The person in charge of the SEC-PCR project of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), Ignacio Fernández Lozano, has assured that in Spain there are three defibrillators per 10,000 inhabitants, “about eight times less than in countries like France or Germany”.

“The problem is not that there are few defibrillators, but also we do not know exactly where the ones that are installed are located”, pointed out the specialist in Cardiology.

For its part, the director of the Department of Health and Relief Red Cross has insisted that we must “join efforts” to address the low survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest and, with this application, you can “help make the difference between life and death in many cases. “

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