Christmas greetings for WhatsApp 

Best Christmas greetings to send on WhatsApp

The ” smartphone ” is the best ally for everything. And to congratulate the parties too. That’s why we give you some ideas with the ones you can send Christmas cards :

1. A family Christmas greeting

Do you have a baby in the family? Nephews? Grandparents? The family is the best resource with which to congratulate the parties in a unique way. Take and take a picture with your “smartphone” to your favorite grandchild; or your pet. It can also be a funny “selfie”. Any photo of the family is valid to make a different greeting, which you can send by WhatsApp to the whole world.


2. Decoration as congratulation

If you are one of those who goes crazy decorating the house, the Christmas tree or with the lights, surely that taste is not lacking when it comes to decorating the favorite corners of your home. So take the phone and take a good picture of that snowman, Santa Claus or Christmas table to send it. Any corner of your home will be perfect to create a Christmas greeting that you can send by WhatsApp

3. A very “foodie” greeting

If you are a food lover, the best thing you can do is to send Christmas greetings for WhatsApp with what you are best at cooking. Prepare your best dish, make a good photo and send it to your friends. Surely they are encouraged to try it.

4. Use Galleryplay

Another option you have is to design Christmas cards to your liking and send them to your friends and family. For this, we propose Galleryplay, a web page with which, for free, you can choose among the different options that it offers. In the end, you can generate a link of your own creation so that you can send it to your WhatsApp contacts.

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