Can Not Be! Now It's Apple That Tweets From Android

Can Not Be! Now It’s Apple That Tweets From Android

We do not know what is happening exactly with the community manager of the social network accounts of some companies that do nothing but publicize … other brands. We saw it last week and now it’s Apple that suffers it in the first person.

We were surprised a few weeks ago when Samsung tweeted from one of his few officers using an iPhone. It is curious, although of course, it can be an error. However, it was even more surprising when, within a few days, it happened again to Samsung from another official account.

Now it has been the official Apple Music account that has been hunted by tweeting from an Android device.

Can Not Be! Now It's Apple That Tweets From Android

The Apple Music account uses an Android to write

There have been several cases, both celebrities and official account that promote a device from an iPhone, but it is the first time we have proof that happens the other way around. That is, it is an Apple account that uses an Android device to promote its products.

Again it has been the well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee who has noticed and published it on social networks. It is a tweet from the official Apple Music account that promotes the Christmas & Chill album by Adriana Grande.

However, it is not as embarrassing as it would appear. At the end of the day, Apple Music is also available for Android devices but would put the hand on the fire ensuring that Apple will not be very happy about it.

We will see if this series of errors has an end or the brands continue to use devices that are not theirs in their day-to-day work. I do not think it’s a good option, but at the end of the day it’s free publicity.

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