Causes of overheating of smartphones and how to fix it

The temperature that should not exceed your mobile this summer (if you do not want to lose it).

iPhone 3Gs Overheating

iPhone 3GS Overheating

The temperature of your smartphone is not fixed. It depends on several factors. And if it exceeds certain limits, it can have serious consequences. In the portal AndroidPit have collected the possible reasons for overheating of phones and how to avoid it.

Keep in mind that telephones are inevitably heated if it is hot in the environment, or with some internal processes. The first thing is to know which part of the phone is the one that is hottest.

If the heat is felt in the back, it is probably the battery that gives problems. Using the code * # * # 4636 # * # * (does not work with Huawei or Motorola), we can access a menu where we will find the temperature of the terminal, which at rest is around 30º and after the use of applications such as video games go up to 40º.

In the menu is the option ‘Battery status’. If the result is not ‘good’, you have to restart and check again. If you give a different message again, it is likely that the battery is damaged.

For those whose phone does not accept the code, they can download the ‘Ampere ‘ application, which offers similar information.

Another source of overheating may be in the charger. If it is damaged, it can overheat the part around the plug. It is convenient to change charger if this happens.

But sometimes, the reason for the warming is in the phone’s own performance. There are times when we play video games that require a more powerful processor than we have. But even when the processor is powerful, playing for many hours in a row can overheat the device.

The applications in the background, the players, and the widgets … make our phone work and with it, the temperature increases. The question may also be in the hardware. If we have changed a part, it may be the source of the failure. For the rest, there are applications that can improve the temperature of the phone. For example, Cooler-Coolify, CPU Monitor or CPU Gauge.

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