Diablo Immortal, One Of The Most Anticipated Games For iOS, Hides A Fascinating Story

Diablo Immortal, One Of The Most Anticipated Games For iOS, Hides A Fascinating Story

One of the most classic PC sagas will soon jump to our iPhone and iPad with a delivery that promises a lot. Diablo Immortal is one of the most anticipated games of this year and once overcome a phase of initial criticism the game is approaching its official launch.

Diablo Immortal is an online multiplayer action RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment exclusively for mobile devices such as the iPhone or the iPad. The story of this new installment is placed between two other great games of the franchise, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III.

An unknown story linked with other Devil

Diablo Immortal tells us a new story designed and designed to play on mobile devices. The events are among other major installments of the saga so it is a completely original story but related to what happened so far in Diablo.

Devil II: Lord of Destruction ends with Baal, Devil’s brother corrupting the World Stone, forcing Tyrael to destroy it. Immortal Devil begins right after these events where the fragments of the World Stone are corrupting the land and the demonic invaders begin to emerge by Sanctuary. The power of its fragments is what the devil’s minions will use to bring back the Lord of Terror.

Humans are the only ones who can avoid it and we will have several classes available in Immortal Devil:

Demon Hunter

Of course, we will also have new enemies to confront in Immortal Devil as Skarn, Herald of Terror but also other well-known enemies of the saga.

The pre-registration to Diablo Immortal is already available and those who complete it will have the opportunity to access special rewards, very soon you can do it directly in the App Store.

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