Everything We Know About AirPods 3

Everything We Know About AirPods 3

It is a fact that AirPods dominate the market. Although there are cheaper alternatives, Apple’s wireless headphones will remain the leaders of the sector. Although second-generation AirPods were introduced earlier this year, it is estimated that new models are on the way. Below we will detail everything we know about the future AirPods 3.

Total resistance to water

As we mentioned recently, AirPods 3 will be water-resistant thanks to an IP certification that is still unknown. Rumors say that this new generation will be waterproof so it will be designed to resist sweat and not to be used while the user is in a pool.

External noise cancellation

The noise cancellation system is essential today, and even more so if it is a pair of headphones designed to be used in the city. It is estimated that this new version of AirPods will make use of this technology because since the departure of the first-generation AirPods, there for the year 2016, it is speculated that this new feature will come in future updates.

A redesign and a new color palette

One of the main criticisms that AirPods received overtime was the fact that it does not adapt correctly to all types of ears due to its solid design. According to reliable sources, the AirPods 3 will have a new design that could be molded to any ear regardless of the shape of it. In addition, the new generation of Apple’s wireless headphones will be launched in various colors including red, yellow and black.

There is not yet a confirmed release date but it is estimated that they will be released by the end of 2019 or, in the worst case, early next year.

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