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Facebook completes its app to link

It was in May of this year, during the F8 developer conference held in San Francisco, that we heard about Facebook Dating for the first time. Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement had an immediate effect: the shares of Match Group, the Texan company that owns Tinder, fell by 17%. And that is where Facebook puts the eye, puts the bullet.

Why does Facebook want to get involved in the online dating business?

For that reason: because it is a business … that may be missing out. How many couples do you know who have had their first contact through the internet, whether using a social network, a chat or an instant messaging app?

Millions of people in the world use every day and at all hours internet to meet people, – there is a great need to love – whether to have a good time … or to spend the rest of their lives. And although a relationship that begins through the network still has a certain social stigma – “ah … but l @ conociste por internet” -, every time the prejudices about it are reduced more … among other things because the youngest ones no longer They know another way of linking that is not with the mobile in hand.

In this context, Facebook wants to enter strong in the dating apps market. Not in vain, they have the necessary tools to succeed: the social network itself and the WhatsApp instant messaging application. “With these wickers, we cannot fail”, they must have thought of Menlo Park.

Facebook Dating, to test among the workers of the company

In early August, Jane Manchun, a popular tech blogger specializing in discovering new features of Facebook through the thorough analysis of its source code, discovered that Dating had not fallen on deaf ears and was already being tested among the company’s own employees.

“We ask employees who have decided to try this product to use fictitious data and do not use it to date with colleagues.” Facebook wanted to heal in health with this message distributed among dating testers and thus prevent the office from becoming La casa de Tócame Roque, everyone linking up with everyone … «Guys, this is work, do not forget it», they have come to say.

This test among employees is common with many of the new functions of Facebook and has the objective of detecting possible failures before its definitive start-up. There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s company is treating this new function of its social network with great care, but this essay also shows that its integration into Facebook seems imminent.

In fact, according to the latest news, Facebook Dating would not be an external application, but would be part of the social network. Privacy and effectiveness will be its two main objectives. On the one hand, Facebook does not want messes after its latest scandals and will underpin the privacy of this service to respect the user. In this sense, our profile in Dating will only be visible to other users of the function … not to our friends. Our mother will not be aware that we are looking for a girlfriend.

But if I already use Facebook and WhatsApp to link: what’s the use of this?

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of Facebook with respect to other apps to link can be the tons of data they handle about users … and the immense amount of people who use the social network. With these ingredients, we can generate quality matches … and continue the conversation on WhatsApp.

What Facebook Dating intends, in short, is to perfect the Tinder concept, trying to minimize the frivolity associated with that app and facilitate contact between very close people. And forget to like everything that moves as in the clubs at the last minute: there will be a limitation of thumbs up…

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