Facebook: How To Create Gift Lists To Get Organized

Facebook: How To Create Gift Lists To Get Organized

The multinational now allows sharing these contents with friends To make a list of the products that one wants to give (or that they give to him) is every time easier thanks to the multiple applications and digital services that are at hand thanks to the intelligent mobile telephones. Facebook, the largest social network in the world, has also thought about it with a new feature.

The platform offers the possibility of sharing the collections with the content that users have saved. It is a way to provide users with the grouping of saved items in order to be able to classify them and view them at another time. This option adapts perfectly to the publications of friends, to the pages, even to the advertisements and videos that are disseminated.

Organizing the shopping list is relatively easy. You can create names in collections such as «Reform of the salon», «Fashion articles» or «Fitness favorites». These organized publications can now be easily sent to friends and contacts. To specific people, with what can be useful now that Christmas arrives and the consumer period par excellence.

There are many examples of use. Thus, if you create a collection that is related to a trip that you want to make, you can share it to give ideas about gifts that can come in handy when making that trip. Another case: if you are planning a party with friends you can also create a collection called »Christmas Recipes» and share it with the rest of the group. In such a way that all the guests will be able to see the recipes that you have saved and add new ones.

Facebook: How To Create Gift Lists To Get Organized

Steps to follow

1.- Locate the announcement, publication or video of a contact that you want to add to the list.

2- Click on the “more” button that appears in the top right of the publication.

3.- Then, it must be added to «Save link».

4.- Once this step is completed, two options will appear: «View saved items» and «Add to a collection».

5.- Clicking on this second option will open the possibility of creating the list, also giving you a title.

6.- All this information will be found on the left side of the menu in «Favorites».

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