Facebook Shared Private User Data With Netflix, Airbnb, And Badoo, According To An Investigation

Facebook Shared Private User Data With Netflix, Airbnb, And Badoo, According To An Investigation

According to an internal document disseminated by the director of the commission on Digital, Cultural, Media, and Sports in the United Kingdom that investigates the popular social network, Zuckerberg provided information to other companies between the years 2012 and 2015 The personal data of Facebook users have been the commodity, Mark Zuckerberg has marketed since he launched his popular social network, back in 2004. And as experts say, “when something on the Internet is free, the product is you ».

The creator of the largest social network has in his possession the information of the more than 2,240 million users with whom Facebook has. And that, although many did not believe it, Zuckerberg has taken advantage of all this information for many years, although it was not until 2018, with the outbreak of Cambridge Analytica, when it has transcended everything.

Now, Facebook is adding a new episode to its long crisis. And is that according to an internal document released by Damian Collins , director of the commission on Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports in the United Kingdom that investigates Facebook, has revealed how Zuckerberg provided data from its users to other companies such as Netflix, Airbnb or the popular Badoo dating application between the years 2012 and 2015, when Facebook grew the most.

In these tests, different emails and other internal Facebook documents appear, showing how the social network favored and gave special access to the data of its users by external companies. In e-mails, as stated by ” NYT “, there are discussions about whether to allow application developers who paid to advertise on Facebook greater access to personal data of users. There is also evidence of how Zuckerberg wanted to completely close access to other companies that were direct competitors.

Facebook defends itself

Collins obtained the documents, according to Reuters, from Six4Three, an application developer who is currently in a legal battle against Facebook. In fact, it has not been easy to publish them. For more than a week there have been many disputes because they are part of a judicial process between an application developer and Facebook, which has nothing to do with the parliamentary investigation that is taking place in the United Kingdom. In fact, a judge in California wanted them to be confidential until the lawsuit was resolved.

The company that runs Mark Zuckerberg has defended himself by ensuring that the documents are part of a “baseless” lawsuit. The tests, they say, “only show part of the story and they do it in a very deceptive way because there is no additional context.”

“As in any business, we had many internal conversations about ways to build a sustainable business model for our platform,” said Facebook. “But the facts are clear: we have never sold the user data,” he concludes.

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