Far Car: New Dawn Is Shown In His First Gameplay

Far Car: New Dawn Is Shown In His First Gameplay

In case you had not had enough with the first official trailer of Far Cry: New Dawn, the Ubisoft game has just shown its first gameplay. It has been through a video published by Game Informer, through which we can enjoy up to 8 minutes of gameplay at 4K resolution. A real wonder that shows us that this title will be much more than a simple independent expansion of Far Cry 5.

In the video, which you can see below these lines, we can get an idea of ​how renewed the appearance of the game and the map will be. In addition, you can also enjoy some of those new moments that we will live aboard one of the many vehicles that can be used. To make matters worse, the video is also an ideal appetizer to get an idea of ​​the recruitment options. From a dog to a boar.

Remember that the context of this game will place us 17 years after what happened in one of the Far Cry 5 finals. In addition, the title will soon reach the market and will do so at a fairly low price. We are talking about a launch scheduled for next February 15, 2019, and a recommended price of 39.99 euros.

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