Fortnite for Android would have allowed cybercriminals to install malware

Fortnite for Android would have allowed cyber criminals to install ‘malware’

Epic Games announced the availability of Fortnite for Android mobile devices through its online store and not through the official Google Play store, which attracted the attention of great experts in cybersecurity.

The main experts warned that this form of distribution could create great risks among users, because cybercriminals can more easily supplant the official store and introduce malware in certain downloads. In fact, Epic Games has fixed a vulnerability discovered by Google in the original Fortnite Android installer that would have allowed intruders to introduce malware.

Google disclosed through Google Issue Tracker that the first installation package was vulnerable to be exploited by cybercriminals. This potentially dangerous vulnerability allowed hackers to install any malware code in addition to granting full permissions on the devices without the user’s consent. Epic Games has recently reported having fixed the problem.

As many will remember, Fortnite for Android was announced exclusively to coincide with the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 terminal for which the game is exclusively offered for a while and all these downloads can be made through the official store of Samsung, Galaxy Apps. When downloading, the device does not prevent it from being performed as it usually happens when downloads are made outside the official Google store, since it interprets that they are made from the Samsung store.

Epic notified Android Central that it had corrected the problem within 48 hours of being aware of the problem. What is not so clear is whether some hackers managed to take advantage of the security hole during the few hours in which the download was available. The company Epic Games is not satisfied with the way Google approached the situation. In fact, he has accused Google of being irresponsible for publicly revealing the error before many people had the opportunity to update their installers. Google claims to have complied with its disclosure and transparency policies for consumers. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games emphasizes that “the disclosure of GoogleThe failure of the security was irresponsible given that many of the facilities had not yet been updated and were vulnerable.”

Currently, users can access the beta version that Epic Games has available on its official website. The developer offers a complete list of currently compatible phones, which can be consulted.

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