Fortnite Releases A Mode Based On Avengers: Endgame In Which You Must Finish With Thanos

Fortnite Releases A Mode Based On Avengers: Endgame In Which You Must Finish With Thanos

Epic Games has announced a new Fortnite crossover with the Marvel superheroes, specifically with the Avengers. In order to promote the new movie Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has introduced new weapons, villains and much more.

The new Fortnite game mode has been titled Endgame, and you can see its trailer below:

Fortnite: Endgame will hit iOS

Fortnite’s new Endgame game mode will be available for a limited time, and in it, players will have the chance to face Thanos and the Chitauri. In addition, they can choose between playing the role of hero or villain.

As a hero, the objective in Fortnite is clear, you will have to stop Thanos and his army before he finds the six Gems of Infinity. And as a villain, obviously, you’ll have to help Thanos get the six Gems and take down the enemy team.

In addition, players who choose to fight like heroes will have the help of special items that can be found in the chests. We talked about all kinds of equipment of Marvel superheroes: Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and even Iron Man gloves.

These are some of the rules of the new Fortnite game mode:

  • The game will face two teams of heroes and villains.
  • The players of both teams will respawn when eliminated.
  • The heroes will start with a treasure map to get Avengers equipment.
  • The Chitauri villains will start with a powerful laser rifle, an anti-structure grenade and a jetpack that will allow them to fly through the air.
  • The first Chitauri to recover an Infinity Gem will automatically become Thanos.
    What do you think about the new gameplay of Fortnite X Avengers?

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