Friday Of Free Apps For A Limited Time For iPhone And iPad

Friday Of Free Apps For A Limited Time For iPhone And iPad

We return one more day with a list of free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These applications are available totally for free but for a limited time. That is, they will soon be back at their usual price.

We have explored the iOS App Store in search of the best offers, and today there are quite interesting applications and games to download for free. We have included productivity apps, photo editing apps, and fun games. All of them highly recommended spending an entertaining time with your iPhone and iPad!

Free apps for iPhone and iPad – May 4

Marvin The Cube

Marvin The Cube is an entertaining game of puzzles or jigsaw in which you will control a nice cube that must find the exit in each of the levels. Help him find his place in the Universe.

Financial Calculator Premium

An advanced calculator that will allow you to perform all kinds of complex mathematical operations. It has a very visual design, is available in landscape and portrait mode, and is compatible with the Split View mode on the iPad. Ideal for your projects and work management.

AirDisk Pro

AirDisk Pro is an application with which you can store, view and manage files on your iPhone and iPad. It works as a PDF reader, music player, voice recorder and much more.

System Activity Monitors

Do you want to know all the data about memory, battery or storage usage? With this app, you can monitor all the data on your device.

Presco Overlay

We finished with a super cool photo editing app. It’s about Presco Overlay. It is full of all kinds of effects, filters, and tools to make your Instagram photos look better than ever.

Here ends the collection of free applications available for a limited time in the Apple App Store. We hope you liked today’s apps if not, you can always visit all our free apps lists to see if there are still any on offer.

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