Goodbye To The Small 12-inch MacBook, Apple Stops Selling It

Goodbye To The Small 12-inch MacBook, Apple Stops Selling It

Apple has introduced important news a few hours ago in its line of computers and we have new models of MacBook Pro, now there is no model without Touch Bar, and MacBook Air, which now costs significantly less. However, these have not been the only novelties since the 12-inch model, the MacBook has disappeared from the store.

When Apple launched the MacBook a few years ago it came with a lot of news, was the first to introduce the butterfly keyboard and use USB-C, something that his older brothers, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, have inherited. Even so, that has not been enough for Apple to stop selling it just 4 years after its launch.

Why has Apple stopped selling the MacBook?

When the MacBook appeared we all saw it as the perfect replacement for the Air range, however, after the launch of the new model just a little less than a year ago, the MacBook was left in no man’s land. Before it could boast of size and portability, but after the arrival of Air, it was not worth paying more for a device lower in benefits.

Goodbye To The Small 12-inch MacBook, Apple Stops Selling It

Probably this was not in the plans of Apple, however, sales should not have accompanied. Something logical seeing the price that had this device, the same as that of a MacBook Pro.

The MacBook was one of the main candidates to include for the first time in a Mac a processor manufactured by Apple of the series A that uses the iPhone and iPad. We know that Apple is working on it and this device was perfect, however, after its discontinuation we do not know what exactly Apple plans will be when it decides to adopt the ARM processors on their Mac.

The small MacBook will no longer be sold in the Apple Store, but it has brought us great innovations such as its extremely fine design, imitated by Apple in the rest of its range of laptops. We have only two laptop ranges, Air and Pro, and now it’s much easier to decide.

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