Google Assistant Pays More Attention Than Siri, Cortana Or Alexa

Google Assistant Pays More Attention Than Siri, Cortana Or Alexa

The virtual assistant of the Mountain View is the most reliable of the year, with 88% of requests answered correctly Google Assistant has been the most reliable virtual assistant of the year 2018, successfully responding to 88 percent of user requests through the Google Home smart speakers.

The analytics company Loup Ventures has published its annual study on intelligent voice assistants, in which it analyzes its effectiveness in responding to commands and requests, and in which places Google Assistant ahead of Apple’s Siri, Alexa de Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft.

Among a total of 800 requests, the Google assistant managed to answer them correctly in 87.9 percent of the cases, and also in one hundred percent of the situations, he managed to understand the question successfully.

Second in the ranking is Apple’s assistant, Siri, whose effectiveness in responding to requests from the HomePod speaker has reached 74.6 percent, meaning 99.6 percent of requests.

For its part, Amazon’s Alexa is third on the list, with 72.5 percent of questions answered and 99 percent from the Echo speakers, while Microsoft’s Cortana was fourth with 63.4 percent of response effectiveness and 99.4 percent of questions understood.

The study analyzes the effectiveness of the answers based on five categories: local information, possibilities for purchases, help to get directions, general information, and orders of actions such as setting reminders
Regarding local information, with 95 percent of requests answered, Home and Google Assistant top the list, ahead of Siri (89 percent), Alexa (71 percent) and Cortana (66 percent).

Google Home and Assistant are at the head of the other categories, both commercial information (86 percent), indications (94 percent) and general information (also with 94 percent), except in the case of orders, where Siri has managed to snatch the first position (85 against 73 percent).

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