Google Inbox Will Stop Working Next April 2

Google Inbox Will Stop Working Next April 2

The success of an application for mobile devices lies not only in how many people have downloaded it but also in how many people use it. Google, a company with resources, has launched many apps for smartphones related to communication that, fortunately, or unfortunately, have not been able to make a dent and have ended up disappearing. One of the last to fall into oblivion was Google Allo, which was an instant messaging application that could not rival WhatsApp Messenger or Telegram.

But the purging of applications from the world’s largest Internet search engine has not ended. Another to suffer the wrath of Google has been Inbox, an email client with more than four years of life and that was available for iOS and Android.

Inbox will stop serving on April 2, 2019

Google Inbox was born more than four years ago as an alternative email client with features that were not available in Gmail. For example, postpone emails to see them later, smart answers or high priority notifications, among others.

According to MacRumors, many of these functions ended up being introduced in Gmail, so Inbox was just a test dummy available to everyone.

Google announced some time ago that Inbox would stop working at the end of March, but there was no specific date. It was the users who used the service who shared the message through Reddit that it would no longer be available in about two weeks.

The search engine encourages you to use Gmail as an alternative. For the less experienced, they have made a transition guide with the steps to migrate the accounts and become familiar with this service.

Of course, those who are not interested in Gmail can use another email manager that best suits their needs.

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