Hackers Are Making A Fortune Stealing Fortnite Accounts

Hackers Are Making A Fortune Stealing Fortnite Accounts

Stolen Fortnite accounts may consist of small fortunes on the black market Let’s face it, children or younger people in the house are especially good at choosing passwords. That is why it is especially important to educate them about Internet security and their devices. There are very young hackers who are making a lot of money taking advantage of the bad security of Fortnite players.

Fortnite, despite being a free game, has characters that achieve great value. All players start at a basic level but based on winning games or buying small items such as dances or clothing, level up.

Hackers, some who have started at ages as young as 14, are stealing accounts from other players to resell them on the black market. Some accounts sell for only 30 cents, others cost hundreds of euros.

Everything depends on the level or objects you have, but a good character can cost up to 500 euros. A hacker tells the BBC that he has made more than 17,000 euros selling stolen accounts.

Hackers Are Making A Fortune Stealing Fortnite Accounts

To steal the accounts use databases with more common passwords, based on trial and error get access, change the password and activate verification in two steps on their phones.

Epic Games is working to return the accounts to their legitimate owners, but for this, they must report that their accounts have been stolen. To try to improve the security of the game, Fortnite came to give special costumes to all players who activated the verification in two steps.

Fortnite has 200 million players and is one of the games that generate more profits, thanks to microtransactions in mobiles, computers, and video game consoles.

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