How To Convert A MOV Video To Mp4 Or Any Other Format On Your Mac

How To Convert A MOV Video To Mp4 Or Any Other Format On Your Mac

One of the main functions of an iPhone or an iPad is the reproduction of multimedia content such as series or movies. The problem comes when they are in formats that are not compatible with our devices. For that, you may want to convert MOV videos to mp4 so that they look perfect on the iPhone, and that’s where Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate comes in as one of the 5 most useful apps for your iPhone.

To be able to visualize these videos on our iPhone or iPad we will need to convert them to a compatible format with them and also keep their quality intact. To do so, there is no better program than Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, a complete video converter that has evolved to offer many more functions.

Video converter and much more

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate was born as a professional video converter but over time it has become a toolbox with many more functions. Although as a video converter to more than 100 formats works like no other, we also have options such as recording the Mac screen, converting files to GIF, sending video to our television, editing their metadata or compressing any video without losing quality.

How to convert video

It is the main feature of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and that is why we are going to start. We have up to 28 different formats to which we can convert our video and within each format, we have 7 different options with qualities ranging from SD to 4K quality. But the first thing is to download the program on our computer.

As we see in the upper part we have 5 icons, the first four are destined to convert videos to different formats. On the left side, an icon appears to import the video file that we want to convert and on the right, we will see a drop down with the conversion options.

To convert a MOV video to mp4 just follow these steps:

1. Click on add files or drag the video.

2. Once loaded we select mp4 in the conversion options.

3. We click on convert.

As we said before there are many formats available among which are MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, HEVC, DIVX, MPEG or FLV. In this dropdown choose the format and quality, if for example is a video that we will see on the iPhone, with the quality of 1080p probably have plenty. If it is to see it on television, we can choose 4K for higher quality.

In the lower part, we have some very interesting options. The best of these is the high-speed conversion that is activated by pressing a lightning bolt down on the left. If we activate it, our videos will become much faster. We also have a drop-down to choose the destination folder and an option that will allow us to join all the videos one after the other. We also have the option to convert several videos at a time with a speed 30 times faster than usual.

When it comes to converting the video, the possibilities that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate are incredible. We can select the thumbnail we want to appear, we can add effects and watermarks. We can cut the video to only convert a part and, of course, choose both the output format and the compression that we want it to have.

If we click on the second icon we will access one of the functions that I liked the most, be able to download and convert any internet video at the same time. The only thing we will have to do is copy the link of the video we want from the web and click on paste URL.

Now we will open a box with several options among which we can select the quality, if we want to include the subtitles and even download only the audio in mp3. Downloading a 10-minute video at 1080p hardly lasts a minute.

How To Convert A MOV Video To Mp4 Or Any Other Format On Your Mac

The third function that appears is used to directly convert a movie that we have on DVD to another format. One of the best options to burn a DVD on our computer that also works with an image of the disk that we have on our computer.

To finish, the fourth function allows us to transfer the videos that we have directly converted to any device that we connect to the computer, it can be an iPad, an iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet.

Another interesting way to convert videos in a move to mp4 format is to use, it is a 100% free and completely online converter that will help us with any specific conversion.

Other features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The remove icon of the application is a toolbox in which we have very interesting features that are not directly related to the video conversion but that can certainly be very useful. They are divided into two sections multimedia tools and assistant tools.

Multimedia tools

Add video metadata. With this function, we can edit the metadata of a video that we have converted very quickly. Name, comments, quality, description and many more options.

Compressing video. We can drag any video from our library and compress it without losing quality, ideal for mobile devices.

Broadcast to a TV. As its name suggests, we can play on our smart TV any video that we have on the computer.

Assistant tools

GIF creator. Convert a video in GIF format to share on social networks.
Copy of DVD. This function is used to copy a DVD to another disc.
Screen Recorder. One of the best extra features that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate includes, we can record the entire screen of our Mac or just part of it and save it on video.

After analyzing Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, I can say that it is one of the most powerful tools for talking about the video I’ve tried. We have many options to edit and convert any video to the format we want and we also have very interesting extra features such as screen recording or playback on a television. A safe recommendation

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