How To Download Previous Versions Of An App On An Old iPhone Without iOS 12

How To Download Previous Versions Of An App On An Old iPhone Without iOS 12

The arrival of iOS 12 implied goodbye to many applications that were not compatible with the 64-bit architecture system. That is why many developers had to work hard to update their creations and offer compatibility.

Similarly, many iPhone and iPad devices could not update their software to iOS 12 because they are not compatible. In addition, there will also be users who do not want to do so in order not to worsen the performance of their terminals.

If you have an old iPhone or iPad, you will surely know what we are talking about. And what happens if you need to download an application that is only compatible with iOS 12? Although the App Store only shows us the most recent versions of an application, you can still download previous versions. And it can be done very easily.

How to download previous versions of an application

From Apple Insider have shared a video explaining in detail how to download a previous version of an app in the iOS App Store. Be that as it may, we will tell you more carefully below so that it is as clear as water.

Basically, all you have to do is go to the “Bought” section of the App Store to find the application you want to download. Once here, you have to click on the download button of iCloud and wait.

Depending on the device model, this process could take a while. Even if you see that nothing happens after pressing the button, keep waiting.

After a while, the App Store will show you a notification warning that this application does not work with the iOS version you have. But, immediately, you will be offered to download a previous version of the app on your iPhone and/or iPad. That easy!

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