How to listen to Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers

How to listen Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers

Since a few weeks ago we have officially available the Amazon Echo speakers in Spain. It’s about smart speakers with Alexa, the rival Amazon virtual assistant, and Siri.

Amazon has several speakers of different prices, not like Apple that only has a premium model: the HomePod. The Amazon Echo is compatible with many streaming music services such as Amazon Music or Spotify, but are they also compatible with Apple Music?

How to use Apple Music in an Amazon Echo Speakers

The short answer to the question we asked you before is yes, but there are some peculiarities. You can use Apple Music in the Amazon Echo without problems, but you will not be able to benefit from certain voice controls.

How to listen to Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers

This means that you can not ask them to search for a specific song or to play a certain playlist that you have on Apple Music. The Echo will work just like any other Bluetooth speaker on the market, although there are some simple commands that you will understand as:

“Alexa, turn up the volume”
“Alexa, lower the volume”
“Alexa, move on to the next song”
“Alexa, play the previous song”

In order to listen to your Apple Music library in the Amazon Echo you must follow these steps:

Near the speaker say: “Match”. Alexa will inform you that your device is ready to be linked.
Now head on your iPhone or iPad to Settings> Bluetooth.
At the bottom, you should see a section called “Other devices”.
Select your Amazon Echo.

How to listen to Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers

Alexa will tell you if the connection has been made correctly and you can play streaming audio from your mobile device in the Echo. To disconnect your iPhone or iPad from Amazon Echo just say: “Disconnect”.

These steps should only be done the first time. After pairing your mobile device, you can immediately reconnect to your Amazon Echo by activating Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad and saying “Connect. ” The Amazon Echo will connect to the most recently linked device.

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