How To Schedule The Sending Of A Message On The iPhone With iOS 13

How To Schedule The Sending Of A Message On The iPhone With iOS 13

The arrival of iOS 13 involves a large number of changes and the Shortcuts application is one of the most novelties. This app was officially launched with iOS 12 and now with the new update come more improvements and will also be installed by default on all iPhone and iPad.

Thanks to these new features, the new iOS 13 Shortcuts application will allow us to program different actions depending on the time of day, when we arrive or leave a certain place or when we activate a certain setting.

Thanks to this new tab called Automation we can schedule the sending of a message at a specific time, even in the future it is likely that it is also possible to program a WhatsApp message since the option appears in the settings although it does not work at the moment. What you can do is schedule the iPhone’s wallpaper to be automatically changed.

How To Schedule The Sending Of A Message On The iPhone With iOS 13

This is how you send a message in Shortcuts with iOS 13

The Shortcuts application comes pre-installed in iOS 13 and iPad OS, so if you have installed this version you will be able to see it on your home screen. To schedule the sending of a message we follow the following steps:

  • The first thing is to open the app Shortcuts and click on Automation.
  • Now we enter Create personal automation.
  • We have several options to choose from when we want the message to be scheduled:
  • Events: at a certain time, when an alarm sounds or when training begins.
  • Travel: when arriving or leaving somewhere or when activating CarPlay.
  • Settings: when activating the mobile Aviom, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other settings.
  • Once the adjustment has been chosen, for example at an hour, click Next.
  • Now we must click on Add action> apps> Messages.
  • We will choose the contact to which we want to send this message and then the message we want to send.

Once we finish this automation will be activated and each time the action that we have marked our iPhone will send the message we have scheduled. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting improvements of iOS 13 and the possibilities are endless, from turning off the house lights to activate or deactivate certain settings. Only you mark the limit.

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