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Important things you need to know when buying a Chinese mobile phones

Although some high-end Chinese mobile phones such as the latest OnePlus 5 and the Honor 8 have been introduced in numerous mobile phone shops worldwide, there are still good Chinese mobile phones that are yet to be made available on various countries. To be able to buy some of these mobile low priced smartphones, you may require the help of a reputed online retailer to do the purchase on your behalf or travel to China to buy one.

The buying process is hectic and comes with some potential pitfalls so you are supposed to be aware of this beforehand. This is the reason why we have tried to highlight some tips to help you with buying your handset from China.

Let’s get started!

  1. Do some research on your mobile phone

Truth be told, this is one of the many pieces of advice that you will find almost everywhere on the internet. People are advised to ensure they research on what they want to buy every time, but you will be shocked how people overlook this step.

When it comes to mobile phones, getting reliable reviews is sometimes hard, especially those handsets that come from upcoming mobile phone companies like Dooge, Elephone, and Cubot.

Plan for what you want to spend on your handset, get into the internet and research on at least three or four types of phones that you would wish to buy.

  1. After-sales services

Thinking of buying a Chinese smartphone? Don’t forget to find out on after-sales support. Mobile phones like any other electronics are prone to problems and if you want to obtain support in case you incur a problem with your handset, buy from reputed companies that offer after-sales support. Therefore check to ensure you will get access to support in an event you experience problems with your new phone.

  1. Hardware quality

Chinese mobile companies are believed to sell their handsets at an affordable price than flagship handsets in other countries. However, the low price doesn’t translate to hardware quality of the handsets.

It is worth noting that the most well-known mobile phone companies such as Samsung and Apple spend millions of money into bringing their products to the market and research. However, most Chinese mobile phone companies that are available online usually buy mobile phone parts and create their own smartphones in their factories. This is the reason why Chinese phone makers usually sell their handsets are a lower price than the normal price as in other developed countries. This also means that the hardware quality of some of these phones is low so ensure to research on that one also.

  1. Network compatibility

Before you hit the road in search of a new smartphone, ensure you buy one that is compatible with your network. There are carriers that are not compatible with certain devices. Therefore ensure to buy a smartphone that is unlocked, but most importantly, finds out more from your carrier when it comes to network compatibility.


Buying a mobile phone from overseas especially China can be beneficial. However, you should follow our tips above, do some research, use your common sense and you are good to go.



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