Magic Mouse 2: My Reasons For Using It

Magic Mouse 2: My Reasons For Using It

Apple’s mouse is an old acquaintance for many of you. Maybe it’s the perfect combo for those who use a Mac and is part of an indissoluble whole. However, for other people not so much. They say that with him there is no middle ground, or you hate him or love him.

In my case we talked about the second, before moving to Mac I was very reluctant to use mice, in fact in my last two laptops (Windows) I did not use them, the tactile mouse that they incorporated was enough for me. When I eventually switched to my first MacBook, I bought the Magic Mouse may be influenced by some good criticism. Today I tell you what are my reasons why this accessory has become a must.

My reasons for using the Magic Mouse 2

What can lead someone to spend 99 euros on a mouse? Are there no others who do the same for a sixth of that money? Yes, but let’s get to the point.


It stands out for its totally smooth surface, at first sight, it gives a pleasant sensation in sight. Nothing is on the top, except for the lake of the apple. Its size is neither too small nor too big, I have a pretty powerful hand and I do not notice that I lack device. The absence of any physical element is appreciated both when handling it and when saving it.

A special mention deserves the resistance, there are several occasions in which the Magic Mouse 2 has fallen to the ground, and has not suffered damage or marks, and best of all, its operation has not been altered.

Comfort and connectivity

The Magic Mouse is comfortable, a lot. It turns on the computer and automatically connects to the MacBook. The connection always works and never, in the 2 years that I have been using it, has been interrupted. When handling it, it slides very well on the mat, an object that only uses in case of being on a glass table. At other times, if I’m sitting on the sofa, I use the mouse on the fabric and it’s perfect.

Interesting tip: if you turn on the computer and your Magic Mouse does not appear, it will be enough to describe large circles with the envelope on the surface on which it rests to see that the pointer automatically appears on the screen.


Absence of batteries

There is nothing that bothers me more than the use of batteries in any device. The Magic Mouse 2 does not have, it makes use of a battery that is very light. This saves you weight and the hassle of having to change them. To charge the battery, simply plug in the Lightning cable included in the box on the bottom of the mouse. Obviously, you can not use it while you load it, but with a few minutes, you have enough charge for enough time.

Battery duration

This is one of the aspects that most attracts the attention of this mouse. The battery lasts a lot, a lot. I can say without blushing that I charge maybe once a month or less, and I’m in front of the computer a minimum of 3-4 hours a day. Here Apple has thrown the rest and managed to make the durability of the pile its strong point. It happens the same as with the Apple Pencil or the AirPods.

Configuration possibilities

The mouse can be configured in many ways, once you have it connected to your computer, you can customize the gestures to your liking. It is perhaps this ability of personalization that makes many people opt for it, despite its price. This mouse is obviously designed to get the most out of it, and its orientation is clearly for Mac computer users. Make this disbursement to, for, For example, driving your Smart TV does not make much sense.


It is true that the MacBook trackpad is as magical as this mouse, and with it, you can do the same things. But there are many of us who need support to the right, left if you are left-handed, and the Magic Mouse manages to fulfill more than in excess of expectations. In my case, the investment is more than deserved for its possibilities of configuration, resistance, and quality.

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