Microsoft Will Allow Playing Xbox Games On The iPhone And iPad Soon

Microsoft Will Allow Playing Xbox Games On The iPhone And iPad Soon

Just a week ago Sony launched its official application for iOS that allowed to play remotely the games of our PS4. A breakthrough without any doubt, but now Microsoft goes further with a subscription service that will allow us to play a wide range of games on our iPhone or iPad via streaming.

Microsoft has called it “Project xCloud” and has made a demonstration of its service that should be operational by the end of the year. The best of all is that we will not need power in the device since the game will not run on our device, it will only be streamed.

The streaming games can be the future

The high quality of mobile and Wi-Fi networks has completely changed the services we currently have. Platforms like Netflix or Apple Music mean that through a monthly subscription we can enjoy thousands of series, movies or songs. Now the video game companies want to sign up.

Nowadays to play high-quality games you need a next-generation console or a PC, with a streaming game service this would not be necessary. You will only need a screen and internet connection, that is, something we all have in our pocket.

The xClud service was announced in October, but Microsoft has just performed a demonstration that proves that its service is ready to reach the market.

The advantage of this system is that we do not need a console or PC of the last generation to access games with amazing quality, we only need a good internet connection. In the demonstration, you can see the game Forza Horizon 4 on Android smartphone, which could also be controlled with the original Xbox control via Bluetooth.

Streaming seems to be the future of many markets and we know that Apple does not want to be left behind, prepares a video and magazine service and rumors have also speculated on its own video game service.

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