More Public Transport Cards Will Arrive At Apple Pay Transit Soon

More Public Transport Cards Will Arrive At Apple Pay Transit Soon

Apple Pay has become the default payment method for millions of people. Whenever the trade supports it, of course. It is much easier to take out the mobile phone than to look for the credit card in the wallet, plus it is safer.

But it is not only limited to shops but can also be used to pay for public transport tickets. This variant of Apple Pay is called Apple Pay Transit and serves both bus, subway, train, Ferris and maglev (Chinese high-speed train), although it is not as widespread.

Some of the countries in which it can be used are Canada, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, and Russia, and not in all cities, but in very specific areas. In the case of Spain, it is only available in Madrid and for the bus line that goes to the airport.

However, this situation could change in the not too distant future with the iOS 12.3 update

EMV cards will be compatible with Apple Pay Transit

The code of the next update for iPhone and iPad, iOS 12.3, reveals interesting news for Apple Pay Transit. It seems that EMV cards will be compatible with the platform.

As Appleosophy says, this system has been developed by MasterCard and Visa and seeks to add an extra degree of protection to debit and credit cards. Which means that you can use any transport card that we have in Apple Pay for Apple Pay Express Transit.

We hope that with the new update this system will expand more quickly, although it will still take a while to be as popular as Apple Pay, because it is the transportation companies that have to take the step to adopt it, and seeing what has taken Your brother in becoming a real alternative to traditional credit cards we must be patient.

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