New rumors suggest that new AirPods headphones will arrive this year with health functions

New Rumors Suggest That New AirPods Headphones Will Arrive This Year With Health Functions

The idea that is beginning to gain strength is that this successful Apple product will be completely renewed Apple does not go through its best moment. Or, rather, its flagship product, the iPhone, stuck in poor sales expectations dragged by several factors such as the Chinese economic crisis or tight competition. But other of its devices, AirPods, have been a phenomenon that has shaken even the foundations of the audio industry.

These wireless headphones, launched in 2016, may have a next improved version in the coming months. Several reports from analysts have aired some of the possible features throughout the year, although all are part of a pack of rumors, often controlled by the brand itself. And everything points to the second generation will come before what is believed and with great news.

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The specialized media ” Digitimes “, which quotes anonymous sources, suggests that they will be launched in the middle of this same year, coinciding with the rumors that increasingly gain strength about the imminent arrival of the AirPower wireless charging mat. A product, presented a year ago, that due to technical problems has not been launched on the market.

The American firm, in addition, can even change the focus of the headphones. The idea that begins to sound is that they will have capabilities to monitor the health of the user. This feature can achieve even the pulse of people during a training session or know some useful metrics to know the physical state, although it is still part of a theory without official confirmation.

The AirPods 2, if it becomes a reality, can be accompanied by other qualities. Last year the “Bloomberg” medium promised that the next version will improve two aspects, its water resistance, and its “intelligence”. On the one hand, the company intends to update the device with a new protection system against the elements. Without becoming as submersible as the Apple Watch or the most modern iPhone, the idea that gains strength is that they can receive dust and water without problems. A useful feature especially when the user uses them in rainy moments.

Since then it has even been rumored that Apple will also incorporate a system of noise cancellation in these headphones in a “completely new” design, as predicted by Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, well known for his guesses in their industry forecasts.

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