Nintendo's Mobile Games Are Seriously Damaging Its Reputation

Nintendo’s Mobile Games Are Seriously Damaging Its Reputation

The in-app purchases of Nintendo mobile games have severely damaged Nintendo’s reputation. This is what we have been able to know thanks to one of its developers.

Luckily, the Japanese company has warned its mobile game developers (companies such as CyberAgent or DeNA) that they should soften the in-app purchases of their future creations.

That is to say, Nintendo wants to minimize the impact of integrated purchases within its applications so as not to upset its players.

In-app purchases of Nintendo games

A representative of a development company that works for Nintendo has been talking to The Wall Street Journal and has shared a couple of interesting headlines. In short, Nintendo does not expect its users to spend a lot of money on their games.


But the “freemium” games with integrated purchases are damaging the reputation of the Japanese company. The danger of this monetization strategy is that it is extremely easy to make mistakes. However, Nintendo also received a lot of criticism with the single payment of Super Mario Run.

Not all bad news from the Nintendo operations base. Although, obviously, the company focuses its efforts on enhancing the quality of its games for Switch and other videogames … a few months ago we learned that Nintendo will delay the launch of Mario Kart Tour to ensure the quality of the mobile game.

Not everything is lost in the mobile sector. That is, Nintendo cares a lot about its fans and users of mobile devices. Simply, they do not plan to receive large revenues from this platform of the telephone industry.

To end with this article, it is interesting to remember that we will soon discover if the rumors about the possible arrival of Zelda and Donkey Kong to iOS were true. And, if so, will they have in-app purchases?

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