Now You Can Delete Facebook Messages

Now You Can Delete Facebook Messages

For the moment, its introduction has been confirmed only for Apple devices, through the update of the «app» for iOS to version 191.0 Facebook Messenger will allow messages to delete facebook messages from conversations after they are sent and before a ten-minute time lapse has elapsed in version 191.0 of the application, which will be available during the next weeks for the iOS operating system.

Delete Facebook Messages

The new feature of Facebook Messenger is collected within the notes published on the update of the ‘app’ within the Apple store. It states that “soon” the possibility of deleting the messages will be incorporated. Messenger can be updated on iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch devices with iOS 9 or higher operating system.

The messages can only be deleted within a period of ten minutes after sending, and for the moment, its introduction has been confirmed only for Apple devices, through the update of the Messenger “app” for iOS to its version 191.0.

This function of erasing messages was known from statements made by a Facebook spokesperson in April, in which he stated that the company planned to offer the possibility of eliminating messages in a “broader” manner.

At that time only the encrypted version of Messenger had the erasure of messages, which was available to the Facebook director also discuss the matter to Delete Facebook Messages from the conversation, Mark Zuckerberg, and some senior officials of the company.

In the month of October, blogger Jane Manchun Wong already posted on her Twitter that Messenger worked on the ” Unsend Message ” feature and that users of the application “could only erase messages sent after a certain time”.

Among the features that Messenger plans to introduce the new feature of Delete Facebook Messages “in the near future” are also color gradients and a redesigned interface for the phone, as well as “bug fixes and performance improvements.” The company says that version 191.0 will be released gradually over the next few weeks.

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